siberian tiger                                                                                                                                                                            
     Three abreast

The branches of the Midgley family are spread far and wide across the globe. I have received so much from  Midgley's in former British Empire countries and far flung parts of the Commonwealth that I thought I would put it all on pages, where we that are interested, can  connect to it. The name may be impressed onto every continent, there is even a reference to it in Antarctica.
A Midgley has not yet reached the moon, although my son had his name on a CD  aboard a "Martian lander" which burnt up on entry into the Martian atmosphere early in 1999. Somewhere there, in carbonised or digitised space, lies the name Midgley! Does this count?
So all you expatriates, descendants of lads and lasses of Yorkshire get out those old notes you had stuffed at the back of a filing cabinet and lets get connected.
If you have anything you wish to add to the pages you may email and the text will be faithfully copied (providing it's legal of course), if you have your own pages, I will gladly link to you.

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