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Boulton  Haworth Northowram Stansfield
Clayton Holbeck Middlestown Southowram
Halifax Idle Stanley Thornton
Holmfirth Morley Sandal Magna Wike

Lady Day was a ecclesiastical celebration replacing the earlier vernal equinox [25th March]
A Hearth Tax was raised during Charles II's reign which was paid equally on Lady Day and Michaelmas. Hearths or fireplaces were considered a wealth on tax, the more hearths a householder possessed the more likely it was that the owner was capable of paying the tax.
Mr Jonas Midgley of Thornton appears as the most wealthy at this time with 8 hearths, this corresponds to the evidence that the Midgley Arms evolved from here, no doubt the wealth was due to the production of Wool on the Pennines.
The following are records for Midgley surname residents as head of households in Agbrigg and Morley Wapentakes in the West Riding of Yorkshire 1672.
What's a Wapentake?- see Genuki

Allerton cum Wilden [Armley Township nr. Leeds]
Joh(n) Midgley 2
Tho Midgley 2
Boulton [in the Township of Bradford Westgate]
John Midgley 2
Joh(n) Midgley now one up 2
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Clayton [West of Bradford]
John Midgley 3
     See Thornton Page


Hallifax [Halifax]
Willm Midgley 2
Jer Midgley 1
Margt Midgley 4
Sarah Midgley 1
Joseph Wood & Jo Midgley 1
Sarah Midgley 1 [exemption certificate]
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Widd Midgley 1

Heaton cum Clayton [Township of Haworth]
Edwd Midgley/Medgley 1

Haworth Quarter
Jonas Smith per Medgley 1*
Willm Midgley 1
Jos Midgley 1
Willm Midgley 1
 See Haworth page
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Houlbeck [Holbeck], nr. Leeds.
Richd Midgley 2 [poore]

John Midgley 1

Willm Midgley 1

Midgley [nr. Halifax]
Richd Midgley 1
Willm Midgley 5
Samll Midgley 3
See Midgley nr Halifax Page
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North Owram [Northowram]
Samll Midgley 3 one of these not finished.
John Midgley 2
Widd Midgley 1

Sandall Magna [Sandal Magna]
Widd Medgley 1

John Midgley 1
Richd Midgley 3
Jos Midgley 2
Samll Midgley 2
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Stansfeild [Stansfield]
Widd Midgley 1
Jona Midgley 1
John Midgley 1 [poore]

South Owram [Southowram]
Edwd Midgley 1
Edwd Midgley jun 2
Edwd Midgley 4
See Midgley Arms -Southowram
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Willm Midgley 2
Mr Jonas Midgley 8
Michll Midgley 1
Mr John Midgley or Josias Midgley 2
See Thornton Page

Wife [Wike?]
Jos Midgley 1

Wareley [Warley]
John Midgley 4
Samll Midgley 1
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The largest owners for Agbrigg & Morley with hearths in 1672 were at:

John Dransfield 6

Bretton [West Bretton]
Sr Thomas Wentworth 13

Hartshead cum Clifton
Sr John Armitage Bt  23
Sr John Armitage 3 not finished
See Armytage Page

Madam Thornhill 15

Sitlington [Middlestown]
Mr. Robt Armitage 12
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Tho Savill esq 15
Sr Lyonell Pilkington 14 [Stanley Hall?] 14
Mr Jarv Hatfeild 10
Fran Hatfeild 1
See Stanley Page

Midgley [nr. Halifax]
Willm Farrer esq 11
Mr Tho Murgotryd 8
See Midgley nr. Halifax Page

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References: The Hearth Tax List for Agbrigg and Morley Wapentakes, West Riding of Yorkshire, Lady Day 1672 Ripon Historical Society and Ripon, Harrogate & District F.H.S., 1992

* = May have taken mother's surname as a first name
Widd = widow

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