Make a family shield and crest

1. Obtain sufficient exterior grade ply to construct a crest and shield. Each piece may be  say 45 cm square.

2. Using a piece of string and a pencil, draw a suitable closure to the base of what is to be the shield.

3. Using tape set out any straight lines. Spray paint each section with suitable tinctures.

4. Using an appropriate template, constructed from cardboard,   use this to spray paint the devices.

Midgley Arms
5.Use an image of the crest to make an overhead projector transparency. project the overhead onto the board to be used for the crest, adjust to give a suitable size. Holding the board, transfer the projection by hand using a pencil.  Label any tinctures.

6. Assemble various  equipment and paints for the correct tinctures.

7. Paint and spray your hand drawn crest- great therapy!

                                                                                               Above all have fun!

Some Yorkshire coats of arms.
Enhancing the Caltrap

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