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* 29th February 2024

Revised early Midgley genealogy on the Stanley page and for Sir William de Midgley and the Thornhill and Everingham relationships, garnered principally from land descents.

* 12th October 2023 The possible descent of Midgley of Cawthorne, Normanton, Brayton, Hainworth from  Robert I Bruce, king of Scotland has been determined from additional information found at Ancestry.com and Familysearch.org. The GATEWAY ANCESTOR is Lady Christina Bruce

Linking to king Robert Bruce connects to earlier noble families such as De Clare, earls of Hereford; Marshalls; King David of Scotland; Henry of Scotland (an earl of Huntingdon), Warenne of earls of Surrey and the manor of Wakefield; Vermandois; De Montfort and Henry I Capet, king of France. For the descent see Midgley of Cawthorne

* 17th May 2023 Justin Sanders has added information  regarding the engineer and inventor  Albert Henry Midgley of Huddersfield, who amongst many other endeavours, probably worked on the 'bouncing bomb' of World War II, made famous in 'The Dam Buster's" film. On the same page  Midgley records for Harewood parish have been added.

Additionally zipped Gedcom files have been added for Midgley of Haworth on the Gedcom page

* 11th December 2022 Recent information for Midgley of Bingley, Manningham and Hunslet has been added.

* 18th October 2022 Additional information has been included for Albert Henry Midgley of Huddersfield, electrical engineer and inventor extraordinaire.

* 14th January 2022 A page for Guiseley and  Horsforth has been added.

* 23rd April - St. George's Day - 2021  More details for Midgley of Thornton, Headley, Scholemoor, Breary and Alwoodley See Thornton page.

* 25th January 2021 An updated Gedcom for Midgley of Almondbury can be found on the Almondbury page there is also a new page for Midgley relating to St. Wilfrid's, the parish church of Brayton near Selby which dates from Norman times.

* 12th December 2020 Stephen Prior has added more information re the Midgleys of Horsforth.

* 24th September 2020 Additional information for Midgley of Cookridge, Harwood and Alwoodley.

* 6th September 2020 The eagerly awaited 1921 census will be released during 2021.

The 1931 census returns, including schedules, enumeration books and plans, were completely destroyed in a fire in Hayes, Middlesex, where the census was being stored. Many precautions had been taken to protect the census, which all failed. ... These provide a viable census substitute for the 1941 census.

* 3rd April 2020 

Additional information concerning the Arms of Midgley has been added  as well as the links between the families of Midgley, Murgatroyd and Waterhouse [download].



* 29th February 2020

A link in the 1300's has been forged between Midgley of Shafton and those of Stanley near Wakefield through an association with the attorney John de Northland and John de Wakefield.  Felkirk and Shafton.



* 27th October 2019 Additional records for Midgleys of Brayton near Selby have been added.




* 27th July 2019 


John Midgley - listed on the credits as a sound recordist on the 2014 ‘The Imitation Game’ with Kiera Knightley as well as the 2001 version of ‘Enigma’ with Kate Winslet.

List of credits

His work on the King's Speech

Sound mixing in the film 'Hugo'

* 21st January 2019 

A combined pedigree in gedcom format for Waterhouse-Farrer-Midgley of Halifax , Midgley and environs.




Additional information re Midgley of Felkirk and Stanley Hall provided by Ric White.




Additional information added to the Leeds page re the family of Breary.




* 3rd November 2018

Text files for Midgley of Selby and Brayton 1700's-1800's have been added at  the Selby district page



* 18th September 2018

A photograph of the headstone for Newrick Midgley at Hemingborough Churchyard has been added on the Selby district page


* 19th July 2018

Clare Peden has found a link for her Pennsylvania family back to Leeds in Yorkshire. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/america.html


* 4th April 2018

Evidence for 'John Midge' the highwayman in the time of Dick Turpin.




* 8th March 2018

Record for the 1379 poll tax for Midgley near Halifax with links to pedigrees of Midgley-Murgatroyd-Lacy of Calderdale.



* 12th January 2018

 A pedigree chart for early tenants in Horbury, Sitlington, Little Midgley etc. showing the relationship to Thomas de Midgley early 1200's.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/horbury.html


* 8th November 2017

 Additional information re Walter Midgley of Bradford has been added by Martin Midgley at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/bradford.html

and also Walter Midgley and his siblings of Keighley at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html both of whom were killed in action during the Great War of 1914-1918.



* 29th  October 2017

The Chadwick Museum in Bolton, Lancashire is inviting submissions for a painting commission for its new galleries of ancient Egypt. The Portraits Wall within the new galleries will commemorate four key figures from the establishment of Bolton Museum and its world class collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts: Annie Barlow, Samuel Taylor Chadwick, and William and Thomas Midgley. 

Also see: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/selby.html and William Waller Midgley


James Midgley in the U.S. seems to have made an important link from his North American predecessors in Illinois to his English origins from Knaresborough in Yorkshire.

See: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/northyorks.html



* 3rd June 2017

Additional information re William Midgley gent. of Halifax and his link to the Holdsworths. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/haifax.html



* 25th May 2017

Brenda Chambers has information regarding her mill working Midgley family of Warley / Luddenden Foot, hailing from Erringden West Yorkshire in the 1800's.




* 12th April 2017

 Additional information added to the Barnsley page at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/barnsley.html with a gedcom to download for the  descent of Walter Midgley,  operatic singer.



* 18th March 2017

  John Seakins has added more to the Midgley branch from South Duffield, Hemingborough  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/selby.html

   Information has been added for Selby abbey and the coats of arms therein which includes the Thornhill arms, closely related to those of Midgley.





* 20th February 2017


A page has been compiled relating to Jervaulx Abbey where Simon de Midgley was abbot 1304 -1312. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/jervaulx.html

More information about the early Midgley family of Stanley near Wakefield has been found in the Wakefield Court Rolls. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/stanley.html




* 30th December 2016


John Seakins of New Zeland has developed a pedigree for Midgley of Crawley, Sussex  which appears to be descended from Midgley of Selby, Yorkshire.





* 28th December 2016


A chart showing the relationship between the Midgley and Murgatroyd families of  Thornton, Luddenden  and Warley West Yorkshire.


  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgleywest.html OR directly  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midg_ludd_thorn.jpg


Also a chart showing how Richard Midgley of Halifax, Yeoman clothier at Magson House, Luddendenfoot in 1613 is related to the Oldfield family of Luddendenfoot.


directly https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgley_oldfield.jpg




* 24th July 2016


A drawing of the Midgley coat of arms has been included, as found in Gregson's Fragments for Lancashire. James Midgley of Spring Hill, Accrington who was a contributor


to the 1824 work probably submitted this image. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/quakers.html



* 27th March 2016

The page of useful links to genealogy sites has been revised, hopefully no more out-of-date hyperlinks. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/genesites.html



* 22nd March 2016

Additional information re the Midgley family of Buersil and Springhill, Rochdale, cotton spinners. This information is found in a notebook of the Quaker Joseph Wood at http or directly from https://www.midgleywebpages.com/joseph_woods.pdf

Updated information re the Midgley-Sagar family of Sagar Barns near Mitton and Stoneyhurst, Lancashire https://www.midgleywebpages.com/blackburnshire.html



* 27th February 2016


Additional information and photographs have been added for Midgley pioneer farmers of Tasmania. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/felkirk.html with an intriguing connection between Buckland church, Tasmania and Battle Abbey, the site of King Harold's death at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/battleroll.html also photographs of early Hobart added to the page for Samuel Midgley, an Australian First Fleeter. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/index-5.html



* 25th January 2016

Try to avoid marrying the sister of your father's wife otherwise you will become very confused:
If you happen to find yourself in this unfortunate position the following will occur:
1. You will become your father's brother-in-law.
2. You will become brother-in-law and stepson to your father's wife.
3. Your father's wife will become your sister-in-law and stepmother.
4. Your father's wife will be your mother-in-law and besides being a sister-in-law, also a sister to your wife.
5. Your wife besides being a sister-in-law to your father is also your father's daughter-in-law
6. Your wife is also your father's step mother's sister, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law.

                                                 |                                                      |
                                             Your father=====Your father's wife   |
                                                 |                                                      |
                                                 |                                                      |
                                              You====================Your wife 

Eh ba gumm tha' family will be reet moocked oop 


Reconnect Page: Can WW II photographer, Sgt. Norman Midgley, be connected  to any known Midgley family?



* 17th September 2015

 Additional witnessing by William de Miggeley made in 1318 before he was knighted have been located in the C.C.R. and T.N.A.



* 14th September 2014

A painting by William A. Midgley  has been added showing a meeting between Pope Gregory I and two Anglian child slaves from Deira (the old name for Yorkshire).




* 14th August 2014

A new web page for the Horbury lineage of Sitlington, Flockton, Little Midgley &c. at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/horbury.html where Thomas de Horbury may also have been called Thomas de Midgley.



* 26th June 2014

Photographs of the marble plaques at the back of Haworth Parish Church relating to David Midgley as lord of the manor of Haworth and the Bronte family have been added at  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/haworth.html



* 31st May 2014

 Operatic arias &c. sung by Walter Midgley from the 1940-60's have been added to the bottom of  the Midgleys of Barnsley page.



* 23rd May 2014

Karen Uslin has traced her Midgley  predecessors back from Pennsylvania to Adel in Yorkshire.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html



* 28th March 2014

Images recently added :  

i. Photographs of a purse that belonged to Mary E. Midgley of Saffron Walden, daughter of Arthur Midgley and Mary Doncaster Cox.  It was presented by Mary to Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s daughter. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/rochdale.html


ii. William Waller Midgley's photographs of Wensleydale, 1906 https://www.midgleywebpages.com/lancashire.html




* 11th January 2014

Photographs from Midgley near Halifax have been added showing the town -syke or communal well and the town stocks. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgleywest.html 




* 12th December 2013

 Extractions of all Midgley surnames from the Wakefield Court Rolls 1274-1340 have now been completed in one file.





* 5th October 2013

 A photograph of Hathershelf Farm has been added, this was the residence of John de Miggeley in 1274, forester for the forest of Sowerby.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgleywest.html 




* 29th May 2013

Early charters referring to the manor of Sitlington and Little Midgley have been added to https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgleyeast.html where the location of the smithies of the monks of Rievaulx Abbey were located at Blacker  Beck and Wood, correcting William Farrer's (1916) speculation. These additions are located where the  icon is seen.




* 17th April 2013

Information  available online and elsewhere for locating the Wakefield Court Rolls, 1274-1340  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/wakeroll.html 




* 2nd April 2013

Evidence has surfaced that Sir William de Midgley was also called 'William de Shelf'.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html

A more detailed map of the townships of the manor of Wakefield can be found at  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/thornhill.html

A genetic variation in the value of the 12th marker of 389-2 giving a value of 17 suggests from a study of the genetics other Anglo-Danish names in the West Riding of Yorkshire that the usual value of 28-31 for Scandinavian origin  is absent. This indicates that of the two hypotheses for the origin of the surname  viz:-

i) A Norman- French 

ii) An Anglo-Danish origin.

The Norman-French origin is favoured for at least one line.



* 3rd March 2013

A chronological arrangement of parish church register entries for the parish church of Adel, West Yorkshire for the Midgley surname at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/adel.doc The entries show  Catherine Countess of Cambridge's Midgley predecessors . Will Midgley genetics reach the English throne? (yes they did!) If so then the genetics of 'Robyn Hode' and Midgley will be united. Long live king /queen Midge! Don't believe me, then wait for the book. Just a little more ground research and fine tuning and it will finally be exposed using primary historical sources.



* 8th December 2012

Steven Midgley has added extensions of the Midgleys of Selby & Normanton lines into the 1900's at the Gedcom page or directly download the Gedcom as a zipped file here.

A photograph of Arthur Midgley a descendant of the family from Rochdale has come to light. It shows Arthur with his family at 'Summerhill' Woolongong N.S.W. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/rochdale.html 


* 5th October 2012

 Free pedigree chart in pdf format. Download and create multiple copies. To add your family information to the chart go to Tools > Advanced editing, retain digital copies and/or print off.


* 12th September 2012

I was recently informed that Milnethorpe Midgley of Tasmania recently died on 11th September 2012  at  Ulverstone, Tasmania. Born 1st May 1917, died 95 years old. Patriarch of the large Midgley family in Australia and New Zealand , much loved and will be greatly missed. Milnethorpe  put together the Australian family tree.

This branch of the family originated in Felkirk, Yorkshire. See: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/felkirk.html


Also two abbots bearing phonetic variants of the Midgley surname have been identified from abbeys in medieval Yorkshire. See Early Names


* 22nd August 2012

Connections between the early Midgley - Thornhill - Everingham families of Yorkshire have been detected. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html or direct:



* 16th July 2012 

Chateau de Miglos. Noticed during the Tour de France between Limoux and Foix. Miglos Castle lies south of Foix and south west of the Magdalene Tower in the north Pyrenees. Is this an early origin for the surname Midgley? Arnaud de Miglos  a supporter of the Cathars was in residence here about the 1250's.

* 14th June 2012

R. 'Neil' Midgley has located a variation to his line at Harewood.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/wharfedale.html

* 14th April 2012

John Tillotson has information regarding Mary Midgley born in Cleckheaton  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html

* 19th January 2012

More information regarding Sir William de Midgley has come to light and why he was granted the manors of Shelf and Frisley near Halifax. Indicated by on the page https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html

* 10th October 2011

Recent study of the Thornhill ancestors pedigree has provided evidence for the source of a least one early branch of the Midgley name as ealy as  the 1100's. The Thornhills appear to have diversified their names in Peter de Midgley, the earliest of the surname so far found in England. In addition we find a 'miracle' associated with Essulf's family, predecessors of the Thionhills and Midgley families.  Essulf was a resident of  Yorkshire who had extensive land holdings and was a friend of the martyr St. Thomas a' Beckett. A large painted-glass window in Canterbury Cathedral celebrates this occasion.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/thornhill.html

* 1st July 2011 

Derek Midgley has added a little more to his branch of the Midgleys of Bradford. https://www.midgleywebpages.com/bradford.html

* 30th June 2011 Midgley of Crigglestone, Royston & Swinton, Yorkshire have been added. One branch of this family migrated to Melbourne Australia in 1919. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/barnsley.html or  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/australia.html 

A photograph of the tombstone of Catherine Middleton's Midgley antecedents has been placed at: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html

* 20th April 2011

With the interest engendered in Catherine Middleton's family tree by the forthcoming  royal wedding, it appears that Catherine has Midgley genetics in the 12th to the 7th generations on her father's side. Middleton is a township between Leeds and Wakefield W.R. Y. This is 'Robin Hood' and 'merrie men' country and not just because the nearest township is 'Robin Hood'.

7th great grandparent Ester Midgeley, b. ... 28 April 1669 [IGI], d. ... 1726 [Lupton Pedigree 3] who married Francis Lupton of Leeds.
8th great grandparent Ralph Midgeley, of Breragh b. ... , d. ... [Ibid.] 
9th great grandparent Robert Midgeley, of Breragh, b. ... , d. ... [Ibid.]  
10th great grand parent John Midgeley, b. ... , d. ... [Ibid.]  
11th great grandparet Richard Midgeley, of Breragh, b. ... , d. ... [Ibid.]  ''Breragh' is Breary Hall near Bramhope and Harewood House north of  Leeds. The parish church was Adel.
12th great grand parent Edward Midgeley, of Midgeley, near Halifax, b. ... , d. ... [Ibid.] 

Source: The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton, written by William Addams Reitwiesner

The coat of arms above was created recently for Catherine and will be impaled [sinistrally] with Prince William's arms [dextrally] after their marriage.*  If the Middletons  knew anything about their family history then the Midgley arms at least in part should perhaps be included!  Catherine is often described as a 'commoner', however this term has a different meaning today than when used in its original context. The term commoner was applied by the Normans in England and their descendants  meaning there were more of the English than  the ruling Norman class. That is the commoners were the true English. So if we reinterpret the term commoner in its original context it means a truly English person. Importantly from our genealogy, any children born of this union will have Yorkshire Midgley heritage. William has genetics not only from the vast repository of the Scots, English and Hanoverian, Greek royalty  &c. but also of course the Spencer genetics through his mother. These genetics and the name descend from the Despensers, one notable being Hugh Despenser the younger, a favourite of  the unfortunate King Edward II. * Note: The 'shield' is always described as if it were being held by the owner, not the spectator.

An hilarious if somewhat irreverent parody of the royal wedding

* 11th January 2011 Simon Jackson's photographs of Arthur Midgley's loving cup are at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/loving_cup.html

*7th January 2011 Allen Midgley of Canada has started  the MidgleyWorld on FACEBOOK.

* Simon Jackson has come into the possession of a loving cup 'which was painted in underglaze blue by Arthur Midgley in 1914, for his niece Winifred (who I think it says on the mug was born 28th November 1882).  It is a quite charming piece decorated with the Midgley arms, and also with Haworth on there as well as other designs.' Simon has offered to forward some photographs  of the cup which shows similarities to those made by Arthur at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/rochdale.html and https://www.midgleywebpages.com/quakers.html.

* Stephen Douglas Burton has added more information concerning the Midgleys of Almondbury who joined a wagon train across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains  in 1855 See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/almondbury.html and  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midg_beau.html

*13th December 2010 Further information regarding William Waller Midgley, first curator of Bolton Museum, Lancashire at https://www.midgleywebpages.com/selby.html - near the bottom of the page is a broad outline of the family, including William's, stemming from William Midgley, farmer of Brayton and Elizabeth Fielder.

*12th December 2010 An updated & zipped Gedcom  file of Midgley of Cawthorne, Hambleton, Normanton, Thorpe Willoughby, Brayton, Acaster Malbis, Acaster Selby, Pickering, York, Copmanthorpe, Elvington, Askham Bryan, Rufforth, Wistow &c. can now be downloaded from https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgedcom.html or directly from https://www.midgleywebpages.com/hnc.zip  Many thanks to Steven Midgley who has added greatly to these various branches by his exhaustive searches at the Borthwick Institute, York.

* Stephen Douglas Burton of Maine has a connection to Ann Midgley who is connected to the Beaumont line of Yorkshire. Details will be available later as they are being delivered by 'donkey post'.

*1st December 2010 William Waller Midgley and his son Thomas were the first curators of  the Chadwick Museum at Bolton, Lancashire. Their story is told at the external link: Bolton Museum. William was a son of William Walter Midgley snr. and Sarah Peace and grandson of  Joseph Midgley of Hambleton and Susannah Cheesbrough of Kirk Smeaton, Yorkshire.

*8th August 2010 The important gateway genealogy web sites have been renewed. 

See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/genesites.com

*27th April 2010  External link: Midgley's of the North Yorkshire Wolds by Kath Bonson

*7th March 2010  
The Rochdale Midgley pedigree has been added as a zipped Gedcom. This line led to the U.S. chemist Thomas Midgley jnr.
Download the file directly here.

*5th March 2010
The full text of the 1294-1297 Wakefield Court Rolls can now be downloaded and searched in a PDF document where you will find many references to the early Midgley name, especially John de Miggeley who was the son of Adam de Migge[ley]. John is described as being a forester in the forest of Sowerby, residing at Hathershelf, Mytholmroyd. Adam appears to have been appointed the Grave of the Graveship, an unusual administrative unit found only in Yorkshire. See
Also examine the extractions from this roll

*3rd March 2010
Jay Midgley has an embroidery sampler made by his great great grandmother Sarah Midgley, nee Clegg of Rochdale showing the large house, 'Summer Castle', once sited in Rochdale, Lancashire. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/rochdale.html

*6th December 2009
Steven Midgley has located more information  re Midgleys of Brayton, Thorpe Willoughby and Burn near Selby which has been added to the updated Gedcom file. Download  the  file at  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/midgedcom.html

David Clark has sent some photographs of two oil paintings depicting Yorkshire rural scenes painted in 1905 by an Arthur Midgley. This does not appear to be the Arthur Midgley painter and photographer of Rochdale and Saffron Walden. The two paintings were presented to David's great grandfather as a prize for finishing top of the cricket batting averages in the Bradford league. Images of these two paintings can be viewed at

Additional information relating to Sir William de Midgley has been located in the Yorkshire Feet of Fines which throws some light on his faimily, a son by the same name and two daughters.  See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/felkirk.html or  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html

Google Books have placed Samuel Midgley's book "The History of the Town and parish of Halifax" 1789 online which can also be downloaded as a PDF.

*19th November 2009

Jaqui Bell has revised her research on  Midgley of Allerton & Horton, Bradford, See   https://www.midgleywebpages.com/bradford.html  

Derek Hindle has added a little more to Midgley of Farsley and Pudsey, See  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html
*5th August 2009  Thanks to Janet Ogden who has added more through transccription of Wills , Releases &c. for Midgley and the manor of Haworth. See  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/haworth.html
3rd July 2009  Data has been gathered concerning Midgley of Barmby, East Yorkshire, the family emigrated to Canada and then the U.S. after 1850.  See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/eastyorks.html

*16th April 2009
More detail has been added to the Midgley line of  Burn, Brayton & Hambleton &c. by Dave Sunman on the Selby page at   and direct download as a zip file at

*15th March 2009
More information has been gathered by Sandra McAllister regarding the Midgley's of Armley, Leeds. See under Leeds at:

*19th September 2008
A connection has been made between William Midgley of Rochdale [b. 1758] a Quaker mill owner and his youngest brother Eli [b. 1771]. Eli is the progenitor of a line which emigrated to the U.S.A in 1850 and 1869 and led to Thomas Midgley jnr. the U.S. chemist who discovered how to extract bromine from seawater, 'ethyl' and freon refrigerants. A Gedcom is in the process of being constructed which unites these two Midgley branches of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
* Jackie Hendrie and Glen Midgley are researching William Midgley of Todmorden, Calderdale b~ 1827 . William married Mary Sagar of Sagar Fold near Burnley.

*20th July 2008
Thomas Midgley IV, the grandson of Thomas Midgley Jr., the Chemist, is kindly forwarding more information concerning this intriguing scientist whose life details are contained in the book, From the Periodic Table to Production, published in 2001. Thomas Midgley Jr. was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the U.S.A in 2003. Thomas IV's great grandmother travelled to England in the 1920's with an instruction from her son to investigate the family heritage. This she did and in the process produced a small diary of tthe genealogy of  this family branch. With this diary and other resources Thomas IV hopes to identify  his predecessors who are believed to have worked with James Watt.
27th March 2008
An updated gedcom of Midgley of Hambleton, Normanton and Cawthorne has additions for Hambleton and Brayton care of Steven Midgley who has been searching the Borthwick Institute at York for the Brayton Parish register, near Selby.
24th February 2008
Julia Scott  is searching for any information concerning Abraham Midgley local Wesleyan preacher  in Thornton  near Bradford.
See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/thornton.html

*4th December 2007

Steven Midgley has been looking at the parish church records for Brayton near Selby. These are  held at the Borthwick Institute at York. Here were  found further details on BDM's for the earliest antecedants in that branch so far.

30th October 2007

*Evidence that Sir William de Midgley was granted land in Halifax township in the early 1330's See  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html and https://www.midgleywebpages.com/halifax.html

 *Alfred Midgley of Leeds emigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1870, he was a parliamentarian and wrote one of the first books of poetry ever published in Queensland in 1908. See

10th October 2007
*Additions to Midgley of Hambleton, Normanton and Cawthorne Gedcom and a new Gedcom for Midgley of Felkirk and Tasmania at the GED download page :  

25th September 2007
* Nigel Brown has kindly posted a photograph of William Midgley of Horsforth  joiner, wheelwright  &c. see the Horsforth link at: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html

*A bit of fun - Monster Midge, but I do not endorse the environmental vandalism

Even more fun - but be careful - it is addictive

20th September 2007
*Samuel Midgley married Jane Burnett and left for America in January 1845. See the letter and 'translation'  from Stock Hill [Stockeld] near Wetherby dated December 1845. 

7th July 2007
*A number of references to a John de Miggele found in Edward I and II's reigns see
2nd July 2007

* Seven references to William de Miggeley before he was knighted have been located. He was a Commissioner of the Peace, and a Justice of Oyer and Terminer [Justice of Common Court Pleas]. A death date can be interpolated from two entries. See the red entries at   https://www.midgleywebpages.com/knight.html

28th June 2007

*Apologies- pages on this web-site are being reloaded, a bit of a 'spring'-clean of old files, some links may be inoperable whilst moving  more to Geocities- a user friendlier site.

8th June 2007
*Sue McPhee is searching for the mother of Annie Midgley Taylor at  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/bradford.html

5th February 2007
*Ross & Mary Midgley have added a Gedcom of their Midgley predecessors from London, Middleton and Australia.

*A combined map of the Honour of Pontefract and the Wakefield Manor that shows the location of the two townships of Midgley:  

1st February 2007
*Midgley Pageant to be held Saturday 30th  June 2007
https://www.midgley.org.uk/history/ and  https://www.midgley.org.uk/pdfs/Newsletter_Pageant_2.pdf

*There is a new limited edition book due out in June 2007 ‘Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the History of Midgley’, this describes the village and area surrounding  the Township of Midgley, near Halifax, West Riding.
This is an "opportunity to subscribe to an exciting new local history book A ‘must have’ for anyone connected with the Midgley area, those interested in the rich heritage of the Upper Calder Valley or in local history in general. A full colour illustrated hardback publication of at least 250 pages. All chapters are based on recent original research, including: Geology, Pre-history, Agriculture, Early Industry in Luddenden Dene, Names & Population, Midgley Moor, Folklore, the Pace Egg, Pubs, Non-conformism, Friendly Societies, Child Labour, Chartism, Luddenden Valley Railway, Oats Royd Mill, Thorney Lane, 19th Century Trades & Services"
See application form here to print off and post. Also see  25th April 2006

*Jonathan Midgley has traced his Midgley line back to the early 1800's in Derby and suspects that they hail from Yorkshire see https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html  and click on 'strays'.

*Try this game of skill *

20th January 2007

*Jenny Barrit has traced her family tree to Gomersal, Birstall and Cleckheaton. They link with Howard Benson's family tree also described.
Jenny's great-grandfather and mother, Tom Midgley and his wife Martha Saville moved with their family to South Africa.

See: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html and click on the Gomersal link.

1st November 2006

*A new page for the Midgley branch of Normanton  with photographs of the family members and the Normanton Churchyard.  
*Stephen Hamar Midgley's son made email contact and has provided more details for  https://

8th October 2006
*Robert Midgley was the last recorded prior of Selby Abbey in  1539. see  

7th October 2006

*Cheryl Midgley has added two downloadable pdf documents for the Midgleys of East Yorkshire and found another link  too.
    see  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/eastyorks.html
*Ever wondered what the purported 'Maid Marian' might have looked like if she ever existed? see   photographs of Matilda FitzWalter you will not see anywhere else on the internet.

30th September 2006

*More information regarding an American branch of the Midgleys of Normanton, Yorkshire have been made available by  Jane Paskowitz of California. David Midgley and his wife, Elizabeth Crowther accompanied by son Thomas, David's sister, Susannah and David's grandson's,  Frederick and Walter migrated from Yorkshire in 1882. They left  from Liverpool on the "S.S. Nova Scotian" to enter at Halifax and Quebec, Canada. Later they migrated into the USA and settled in California. The Gedcom for Midgleys of Normanton and  Cawthorne has consequently had these additions included. see:  Photographs of family members
 [see: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/cawthorne.html ] and the headstone of David's father Joseph Midgley [b.1771] will appear shortly following  Jane and my own visits to Yorkshire.

*Information regarding William De Miggeley/Migelay/Miggelay and his son William as witnesses to charters are to be found in the Chartulary of Monkbretton Priory for the first half of the 1330's. see

18th July 2006

*I am beginning to collect together zipped gedcom files for various branches of the Midgley families. These are being linked from one page at https://  If you have your own family tree software you may wish to export your data as a Gedcom and share it with others.  Eventually we might find a few links between the families.

25th April 2006
*Over the last 18 months, Ian Bailey has been  running a local history project to research and record the history of the township of Midgley near Halifax. With the help of Stephen Lilley, he is updating the web-site www.Midgley.org.uk to include a history section with old photographs, a searchable database of the census for Midgley for the years between 1841 and 1881 and information regarding forthcoming publications and how to buy them. This site will be launched at the end of June and Ian hopes that this is of interest to Midgley genealogists.

The primary objective of  Ian and Stephen's project is preparing two books. These publications cover the history of Midgley township and the Midgley surname :  

   June(ish) 2006: transcripts of wills and inventories of Midgley  township identities, covering the period 1531 to 1731 are expected to be available. Ian and Stephen have transcribed about 40 of these, the most commonly occurring family name being Midgley. This will be a small, partially colour illustrated soft backed book that would be a useful historical resource. It’s unlikely to be everyone’s idea of an entertaining read, but as far as Midgley surnames are concerned there are at least seven, including some large inventories that detail all their possessions.

·  June 2007: this is the major publication. It will be a hard back book published to a very high standard in full colour. It will cover all ages in the history of the township and will be visually appealing, containing a large number of images: photographs old & new, sources of local history (e,g census) and maps.

21st April 2006
* Tony Wagers finds a 50% commonality of  12 gene markers with the Midgley name.  See  
*Did you catch the end of a Dalziel and Pascoe detective series "Dust Thou Art" [BBC Birmingham 2005]? A policewoman is chained to a ladder in a flooded drain at Midgley on the Halifax Road. Of course the water was rising as was the tension. The series is based on other detective stories by Reginald Hill.

7th April 2006

*Tony Bairstow has traced back to William Midgley,1575 of Bingley. Tony is also tracing lines back on Saville, Stansfield  all the way back to the Norman, Wyan Marmions, Baildon to Thornhill and Gerneber of Thornhill. Oliver De Stansfield was a steward for Henry De Laci. See : https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html under Bingley and

21st March 2006

*Janice Deverick has an ancestor, William Midgley who founded William Midgley and Sons piano manufacturers of Keighley in about 1899.
see https://www.midgleywebpages.com/westyorks.html under Keighley

19th March 2006
* Rella has added more information about migrants from Halifax, West Yorkshire to the U.S.A  about 1838. See

3rd March 2006

* Melisa has connections to Ellen Midgley, nee Hinchcliffe of Almondbury who crossed the mountains into Utah in the 1800's.

12th February 2006
*Alex has added more on the mayor of Halifax, Samuel Thomas Midgley who was a pioneer in bootmaking machinery.
*Vivienne has added a little more for the Midgleys of Sagar Fold, Lancashire with a photograph of the farm.

4th February 2006
*Nick has had his William Midgley grandfather clock assessed by Brian Loomes. It appears it was made beteen 1740-1750.
see: https://www.midgleywebpages.com/clocksnguns.html

28th January 2006

* Salvatore from Spanish Basque country in the Pyrenees has found a match to the J2 M172 haplogroup, this adds increasing support for the hypothesis that  Midgley predecessors entered Europe from the Mddle East after the last ice retreat, passing into Southern France with branches into Spain.  See you never knew you had ancient cousins in Spain did you. Hasta mañana.  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/dna.html
*Nick from England has found that he has inherited a grandfather clock , the face is inscribed "William Midgley", Nick is investigating the possible origin for the clock workings although the casement  seems more recent [~1900]. See              

21st January 2006

*Stephen Midgley is a direct descendant of Stephen Midgley who was born, raised and died in Australia but saw action during the Boer War  alongside 'Breaker Morant'. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/safrica.html and other information at  https://www.midgleywebpages.com/australia.html
*Nigel Bown has sent in a photograph showing a visit by the future George V and Queen Mary to Halifax , as they passed Ellis  C. Midgley's footware factory some time in 1902.  See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/halifax.html where do these things come from?

6th January 2006

* New links are provided to a new BDM site on the main index page [https://www.midgleywebpages.com/index.html]
*John Seakins is trying to test a link between his predecessors of Sussex to Midgley of Chapel Allerton.
An I.G.I extract of Midgley of Chapel Allerton and a zipped GEDCOM file for Midgley of Sussex are included.


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