Wars of the Roses  bd
The Wars of the Roses were not particularly about the county of Lancaster being in conflict with the county of York as is often believed. It was more a conflict between Northern and Southern England.
The envy between the House of Lancaster descended from John of Gaunt and the House of York descended from the Duke of York, both Edward 3rd's sons was the cause.  The Lancastrians were essentially northern supporters whilst those in the south who had vested interests in the stability of the regent's position tended to be supporters of the House of York [Yorkists]. However stability was not apparent in the 30 years the conflict raged for England lost most of its French possessions in this time, retaining only its wool staple at Calais.

The Midgley's of Yorkshire were supporters of William Lord Hastings and would therefore be placed in the Yorkist camp. This would not be unique but unusual in The North of England. Hastings as the protector of Edward 4th of the House of York became much involved with the military and political machinations of the time, particularly with luminaries of the day such as Richard, Duke of Gloucester [perhaps the unduly reviled Richard 3rd] and Richard Neville,16th Earl of Warwick:

             The Hastings Line                                                                   Earls of Warwick

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