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Little is known about this exponent of oil on canvas apart from two paintings of the Yorkshire countryside dated '05, presumably 1905. These two were given as a prize to David Clark's great grandfather for finishing top of the cricket batting averages in the Bradford league. Anyone who might recognise the style &c. and could elucidate and cite any other works by  this artist please contact : David Clark

         Arthur Midgley 1905
             Arthur Midgley 1905
Arthur Midgley's signature 1905
                                                    Arthur Midgleys's signature '05


Another painter, William A. Midgley, who may be the same person as above flourished in Birmingham from 1899 to 1933. His best known work 1899, oil on canvas,  54 x 35 inches is 'Non Angli, sed Angeli'  They are not Angles but Angels, which illustrates the meeting between Pope Gregory I and two Anglian child slaves from Deira (the Anglian name for what came became to be Yorvikschere or  Yorkshire under the Danes. See https://www.midgleywebpages.com/anglosaxons.html




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