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Edmund Sagar Midgley was born 1st October 1848 at Waddington, Yorkshire, son of William Midgley born about 1827 Todmorden and Maria SagarMaori Warrior at Waihi daughter of Edward Sagar. Edmund migrated to New Zealand where he died 24th May 1922 in Auckland and was buried  at Hobsonville. He was married to Ellen Clark in 1890 at Auckland who was born 1856 Auckland and she died 23rd May 1897 Auckland, buried Hobsonville, Auckland, N.Z.2
"Edmund Sagar Midgley, brother of Amos, was hit by three tragedies within the first two decades of his life in New Zealand, losing his first wife Ellen in 1897 and two sons in the first world war, Percy and Herbert Latimer.. His grandson and son of Sagar Owen Midgley, Andrew Herbert Edmund, was also killed in action, this time almost at the end of WWII in Italy."- Glen Midgley
They had a son Percy Lionel Midgley who died on active service in WWI and appears on the New Zealand Roll of Honour. Percy's brother Sager Owen Midgley was born 25th March 1891 in Balclutha and died 21st September 1969.. Sager married Lily Anderson 8th December 1915 in Balclutha, Otago, South Island, New Zealand. Both Glen and Jackie are researching their  predecessors.
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Samuel Hawkesworth b. 21st January 1865 West Yorkshire, son of John Hirst Midgley and Mary Margaret Sykes. Samuel migrated to Tasmania on the "Orient" on 15th March 1879 with his brothers Timothy, John and Timothy's new wife Ellen. He was a Boer War veteran and later migrated to New Zealand in 1909. Samuel died 20th May 1936. Samuel married Max Wilhelmina Manson who was born 26th Jan.1877. They were married in 1911 and lived on Banks Peninsula N.Z. and then Timaroo N.Z.
They had five children:
1. Reginald Dare Midgley b. 1913 Havelock, N.Z.
2. Catherine Daisy Midgley b. 1914 married Grey.
3. Samuel Wynne Hawkesworth Midgley b. 1917 Hotelier N.Z.  married Joan Henry.
4. Elizabeth Jane Midgley b. 1918 married firstly Bishop secondly Holden.
5. Patty Wilhelmina Midgley b. 1921 married Lilley
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Pankaiki, Pancake Rocks West Coast
                                    Pancake Rocks, Pankaiki, West Coast South Island

Joseph Midgley married Dinah Hird 1794 at Keighley. One of their sons, Joseph was baptised at Haworth in 1810. He married Hannah Sunderland in Keighley in 1828 and was a bootmaker. They lived at Thornton and/or Denholme.
Their son Benjamin Midgley, also a bootmaker married Mary Ann Brayshaw and they migrated to New Zealand in 1864 from the Bingley/Keighley area.. They had three children born in Yorkshire, the second child was William Midgley. More children were born in Christchurch, New Zealand
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Sunbathing beneath the snows, Queenstown
                                  Sunbathing beneath the snows, Queenstown, South Island                        

John Midgley born abt. 1821 in Acklam, Norton or Warter, East Riding of Yorkshire. Married Mary Kirby barn abt. 1821. They had four children:
1. Sarah born 1846
2. Dinah born 1849
3. Ralph born 1850, [ch. 15th Dec. 1850 Warter]1 Warter. Married Lucy M. _________ and .had three children: John E. Midgley b. Norton 1878, Gertrude b. 1880 Norton and a boy born in March 1881
4. Mary b.?

Dwelling: Scarbro Road
 Census Place: Norton In Malton, York, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342161     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4812    Folio 109    Page 22
 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Ralph MIDGLEY M 29  M Warter, York, England
 Rel: Head
 Occ: Railway Signalman
Lucy M. MIDGLEY M 24  F Norton, York, England
 Rel: Wife
John E. MIDGLEY   3  M Norton, York, England
 Rel: Son
Gertrude M. MIDGLEY   1  F Norton, York, England
 Rel: Daur
Infant MIDGLEY   6 d F Norton, York, England
 Rel: Daur
Mary MIDGLEY U 26  F Warter, York, England
 Rel: Sister
 Occ: Servant Unemployed(Domestic)
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               Volcanic Mudpool
                                                                 Volcanic mud pool, North Island N.Z.

Private Percy Lionel Midgley 12/174. Main Body. Auckland Regiment N.Z.E.F.. Killed in action 8th May 1915. Age 22. Son of the late Edmond Sager Midgley and Ellan Midgley of 15 Waterview Rd. Stanley Bay Auckland. Born at Hobsonville Auckland. 11.1.1.

  Lily Anderson married Sager Owen MIDGLEY , son of Edmund Segar MIDGLEY and Ellen MIDGLEY , on 8 December 1915 in Balclutha, Otago, South Island, NZ. Sager was born on 29 March 1891 in Balclutha, Otago, South Island, NZ and died on 21 September 1969 at age 78.

Birth Notes: BT research

Noted events in his life were:

Will: filed, 1 October 1969, Balclutha, Otago, South Island, NZ.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 100 M    i. Andrew Herbert Edmund MIDGLEY was born on 30 April 1919 and died on 16 April 1945 in WW II, Faenza, Italy at age 25.

+ 101 M    ii. Living


100. Andrew Herbert Edmund MIDGLEY (Lily Andrea ANDERSEN42, Lilley Mary SPRIGGS16, James9, James Green3, William1) was born on 30 April 1919 and died on 16 April 1945 in WW II, Faenza, Italy at age 25.

101. Living (Lily Andrea ANDERSEN42, Lilley Mary SPRIGGS16, James9, James Green3, William1)

102. Living (Florence Euphemia SPRIGGS43, Charles Hay17, James9, James Green3, William1)

Joseph Midgley [boot-maker] married Hannah Sunderland [1828] at Keighley. They had a son, Benjamin also a bootmaker. Benjamin married Ann Brayshaw, they left the Keighley/Bingley area and emigrated to New Zealand


Jonathon Midgley formerly of Wellington, New Zealand, now Brisbane has everyone smelling well.
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