Coats of arms in the windows of Selby Abbey, recorded in 1756.    


The abbey of Selby - the first abbey built in Britain after the Norman conquest and the place where King Henry I ['Beauclerc'] was born.

               The windows were probably paid for by donations from local medieval land owners as well a s travellers who may have taken shelter in the then monastery.

              Window east end south side aisle:

                Family Name          Description in Mon. Ebor.                Modern Blazon                       Comments
Edmund earl of Lancaster or his son, Thomas earl of Lancaster England with a label of 3 points Gules 3 lions passant guardant or with a label of 3 points each charged with 3 fleur de lis


              Window east end of the north aisle

Family Name Description in Mon. Ebor.
[Possibly Wake] Or, two bends, gules, in chief 3  besant, or torteaux of the second.


               Windows on the south side of the church in the upper row going from east to west

Family Name                   Window        Description in Mon. Ebor.                   Comments
[Firstly: possibly Bissett]

[Secondly: possibly Darcy]

First window Firstly: Azure, 6 besants or; 3,2,1.

Secondly: Gules 3 cinque foils, argent

Firstly: Metham

Secondly: Gerard

Thirdly: Alfreton

[Fourthly: Foliot]

Second window Firstly: Quarterly, azure and argent, in the first quarter, a fleur de lys, or.

Secondly: Argent, a saltier, gules.

Thirdly: Azure 2 chevrons or.

Fourthly: Gules, a bend argent.

Firstly: Ross (Ros/ Roos)

[Secondly: possibly Hastings variant]

[Thirdly: possibly Deyvile/ Deiville &c. of Kilburn]

Third window Firstly: Gules 3 water budgets, or.

Secondly: Azure a maunch ermine.

Thirdly: Gules a fess varee [vair], between 3 fleur de lis or and azure.

[Firstly: possibly Warenne variant]

[Secondly: possibly Warenne variant]

Fourth window Firstly: Argent a chief chequee [chequy], Or and azure.

Secondly: Argent a bend gules in a bordure chequee Or and azure.

[Firstly: Picot]

[Secondly: possibly Martin]

Thirdly: Latham

[Fourthly: possibly Paynel, Paynell, Pagnel &c.]

Fifth window Firstly: Azure two bars or in chief 3 besants.

Secondly: Argent 2 bars gules in chief 3 mullets gules, pierced argent

Thirdly: Or on a chief indented azure, 3 plates argent.

Fourthly: Argent 2 bars between an orle of 6 martlets gules.

Sir Hugh de Culy (Cuilly) reign of Edward II. Sixth window Argent a chevron between 3 mullets pierced, sable.


               In the low windows on the south side from east to west

Family name

Secondly: Tiptoft (Tibetot)


Thirdly: Bruce (Brus)


Fourthly: Plompton


Fifthly: Faucenberge (Fauconberg &c.)

Sixthly: Hastings

First window: Firstly: England [gules 3 lions passant guardant Or] with a  with a label of 3 files, argent charged with three besants each.

Secondly: Argent a saltier engrailed  gules.

Thirdly: Argent a lion rampant azure.

Fourthly: 5 fusils in fess charged with each an escalop [escallop] gules.

Fifthly: A lion rampant debruised  with a bar componee, Or and gules.

Sixthly: Gules, a maunch and bordure Or, alias Or, a maunch gules.

[Firstly: Edmund earl of Lancaster or his son, Thomas earl of Lancaster]

Secondly: Clifford

[Thirdly: De Grey]

Second window Firstly: England [gules 3 lions passant guardant Or] with a label or file of 3 points azure.

Secondly: Cheque [Chequy] Or and azure a fess gules.

Thirdly: Barre [barry] of 6 azure and argent.

Firstly: Edmund of Woodstock, earl of Kent brother to King Edward I. OR else Thomas of Woodstock, 6th son of Edward III, duke of Gloucester. [Also by Earl Edmund's descendant, Joan of Kent, Thomas de Holland, earl of Kent]

[Secondly: possibly Mandeville]

Thirdly: Meinil (Meynill &c.)

Fourthly: Birkin of Birkin

[Fifthly: Mautravers, Maltravers]

[Sixthly: possibly Plompton]

Third window Firstly: England [gules 3 lions passant guardant Or] within a bordure argent.

Secondly: Azure a frettee [fretty] of 8 pieces, or; a chief of the 2nd.

Thirdly: Vert-. azure three bars gemels and a chief or.

Fourthly: Argent a fess azure. A file or label of 3 points gules.

Fifthly: Sable a frett of 6 pieces or.

Sixthly: Argent 5 fusils [similar to lozenges] on a bend azure.


              On the north side of the choir, in the upper windows, from west to east:

Family name
[Firstly: Foliot]

Secondly: Barry and Palmer [OR Babthorpe!]

First window Quarterly  Firstly: barry of 6 argent and gules.

Secondly: Gules a chevron or, between 3 crescents argent


Babthorpe of Babthorpe nr. Howden, also given about 1312 as Sable a chevron Or, between 3 crescents ermine.

Firstly: Thornhill

Thirdly?: Morley

First window Firstly: 2 gules, 2 bars gemells and in chief argent.

Thirdly?: Argent on a bend azure  three mullets of 6 points pierced.



[Secondly: possibly Wake]

[Thirdly: Alan la Zouche, Souche &c.]

Second window Firstly: 2 bars gemells nebulee [nebuly] argent

Secondly: Or on a chief indented gules 3 plates argent

Thirdly: Gules 6 besants or, 3, 2, 1.

[Firstly: possibly Meynill]

[Secondly: possibly Bardolf, Bardolph]

Thirdly: Sheffield

Third window Firstly: 2 bars gemells argent over all a bend of the 2nd.

Secondly: Or, 3 chaplets or cinquefoils, gules 2 and 1.

Thirdly: Agent a chevron between 3 garbs, gules.

[Firstly: possibly De Vere or Brotherton earl of Norfolk]

Secondly: Ingham [of Norfolk]

Thirdly: Lovel

Fourth window Firstly: Argent, a plain cross gules in a bordure sable.

Secondly: Partee per pale or and vert. a cross percerele gules.

Thirdly:  Argent a chevron between 3 wolves heads, gules.

Fourthly: Azure.

[Secondly: Sir Peter de Mauley of Mulgrave and Doncaster.]

[Thirdly: Sir Thomas de Multon]

[Fourthly: Possibly Useflete of Norfolk and Suffolk]

Fifth window Firstly: Gules a chevron between 3 plates.

Secondly: Or a bend sable.

Thirdly: Argent 3 bars gules.

Fourthly: Argent on a fess azure. 3 fleur de lis Or.

Sixth window Firstly: Lozenges argent and gules.

Secondly: On a canton gules in bend or.


               On the north side , lower windows from west to east:

Family name First window
Stapylton (Stapleton) Second window Argent, a lion rampant sable.
[De Percy] Third window Or a lion rampant azure, debruised, with a bar componee, argent and gules.
Lord Darcy Fourth window Azure, 6 semi de crosslets, 3 cinquefoils argent.
[Possibly De Grey] Fifth window Baree [Barry] of argent and azure  3 chaplets or ogresses, gules 2 and 1, charged with as many quarterfoils argent.
Lucy Sixth window Firstly: Gules 3 lucys hariant, argent.


               In the windows in the west end of the steeple. In the lower row, on the east side of the north door, or entrance into the church:

Family name
Paganel [Paynell, Paynel, &c.] Firstly: Azure a cross patonce, or.


              In the north east window, next to the steeple:

Family name  
[Firstly: Sir John Paynell, Paynel, &c. living in the reign of Edward II.]

Secondly: Perci [Percy]

Firstly: Gules, a cinquefoil, argent.


Secondly: Or a lyon rampant azure


               In the south side lower window:

Family name
Stapylton [Stapleton] Lately argent a lion rampant, sable but is now (1756) destroyed.


              In the last south window:

Family name
Clifford Chequee [chequy] or and azure, a fess gules.


              Next to the steeple on the east side were the following, viz:

Family name
Firstly: Normanville

Secondly: Thwenge (Thweng, Tweng &c.) of Kilton.

[Thirdly: Henry French OR Franke, living in the reign of King Edward IV]

Firstly: Argent on a fess between two bars gemels, gules 3 fleur de lis, argent.

Secondly: Argent a fess gules, between 3 popinjays vert.

Thirdly: Vert a saltier [saltire] engrailed or.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Transcribed from:- Burton, John. Monasticon Eboracense. (1758), pp. 408-409 with additions in square parentheses.

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