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The Midgley Web Page for Midgley's searching their ancestry  - Main start page
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The Arms of Midgley, Yorkshire
The Village of Midgley near Halifax
Midgley genealogy for West Yorkshire
Midgley of Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Midgley's of the East Riding of Yorkshire
Midgley Clocks and Guns
Midgley of Thornton
Halfax Gibbet
Midgey of Haworth, Yorkshire
Midgleyeast the hamlet of Midgley, 'Little Midgley,' near Wakefield
The Midgleys of Almondbury, West Yorkshire
The Midgleys of  Almondbury, Nephi and Salt Lake City, Utah.
The manor of Wakefield
The Wakefield Court Rolls

 Extractions of all Midgley surnames from the Wakefield Court Rolls 1274-1340   

Sir William de Miggeley, knight.
The honour of Pontefract, Yorkshire
Sandal Castle near Wakefield
Conisbrough Castle
The Elland Feud
Edward I of England
Edward II of England
Edward III of England
The battle of Halidon, 1333
The battle of Crecy, 1346
The Nottingham Coup
Midgley of Brayton and St. Wilfrid's Church
Midgley of Selby
Sir Wiliam de Hamelton of Hambledon, Yorkshire
Midgley of Normanton
Cawthorne, South Yorkshire
Sir Rowland Hill
Abel Hold, painter and artist
Emigrants of the surname Midgley  England to New Zealand
Midgley of Rochdale, Lancashire
Midgley of Stanley, Yorkshire
Midgley of Wharfedale
Samuel Midgley First Fleeter to Australia
Thomas C. Midgley Chemist
Robert of Skelbrooke - an outlaw in Barnsdale
Waltheof - Last of the English earls
Robert Hood of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Anglo Saxon settlement
Ley Lines in West Yorkshire
Yeavering, Northumberland
The Arthurian Legend
Camelot - Camboglanna (Birdoswald) or Castlesteads?
The Danes
The Yorkshire Dialect
Elmete - An ancient British region
The Wars of the Roses
Statistics for the Midgley name from the 1881 census
Some families of the landed of South and West Yorkshire.
Some West Yorkshire heraldic arms
How to make an heraldic shield
Midgley Gedcom - download page for pedigrees of various branches of Midgley
Midgley Genealogy Links
Midgley Name Links - Copies of this book may still be available from the Midgley Co-op shop
Store - Midgley memorabilia
Recent Events - Catch up on the latest news from the Midgblog
Variations in the spelling of the surname Midgley
French origins
Hearth Tax for Midgleys  Lady Day 1672
Midgley Burial Records - England
Search -Plenty of  links to help with the search for your predecessors
Midgley of Halifax
Cawthorne History - South Yorkshire
The Village Assassin
Indexana - Index for the book Midgleyana
Midgleyana page 1- the book
Lord William Hastings and the Calais Wool Staple.
The Elsing Brass, Norfolk  
Domesday Defined
Delaci Family of Yorkshire
Brearley Hall, Mytholmroyd, near Halifax
The 'Pore Knyght' of the Robin Hood Ballads
Midgley of Bingley.txt
Midgley of Chapel Allerton.txt
Midgleyana - title page  Midgley of Gomersal 1881  Midgley of Guiseley 1881  Midgley of  Heptonstall 1881   Midgley of Hartley
Midgley of New Zealand
The earls of Chester
Chester Amphitheatre Summer 1967
John of Gaunt - Duke of Lancaster
Midgley in America [U.S.A.]   Midgley of Bradford 1881
Geoffrey Chaucer
A Knight's Tale
Detective Midgley    Midgley of Thornton 1881
Midgley of Blackburnshire    Midgley of Todmorden 1881  The Quaker family of Lancashire  which led to the U.S. chemist Thomas Midgley
The Midgley Web Page for Midgley's searching their ancestry. Main index page    Midgley of Haworth1881
The Spencer-Stanhopes of Cannon Hall, Cawthorne, South Yorkshire. - New Hall, 'Little Midgley' near Wakefield.
The Family of Thornhill of Thornhill, Yorkshire. - which family shows the first recorded indications of the surname Midgley in the 1100's
Essulf-Midgley-Thornhill-Everngham  connections
The Saviles of West Yorkshire - Inheritors of Thornhill lands.
The Armitage Family of Kirklees and Clifton-cum-Hartshead, West Yorkshire
Republican - A n 1800's Republican movement in Almondbury, Yorkshire.
The Prioress of Kirklees
Huntingdtonshire and Loxley, of Robin Hood and Yorkshire
Some stewards of the manor of Wakefield
The forest of Sowerby in Sowerbyshire
Skelbrooke - South Yorkshire
Robin Hood's Stone, nr. Skelbrooke
The Battle of Neville's Cross
St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
Sheriffs of Yorkshire
Comly King
Robin Hood - Entry page 
The Montagues' as the earls of Salisbury.   - Midgley of North Yorkshire
Jowett House, Cawthorne, South Yorkshire
Cawthorne families of South Yorkshire, 1881.
Midgley of Barnsley
Abel Hold, 19th century artist - a report by the local Barnsley newspaper
Midgley in Australia
Midgley in Canada   Midgley of Rochdale, Lancashire 1881
The Pinder of Wakefield
Robert Hood [and variations thereof] of Newton near Wakefield    Midgley of Spofforth 1881   Midgley of Kirkby Overblow 1881   Midgley of Bardsey 1881    Midgley of Otley 1881    Midgley of  Breary 1881   Midgley of Alwoodley 1881   Midgley of Collingham 1881
Midgley of East Keswick, Yorkshire.   Midgley of Adel 1881 - Some Midgley predecessors/relatives of Princess Catherine, countess of Cambridge    Midgley of Cookridge 1881
Ethyl, the story of high octane petrol.
Place-names which include the name Robin Hood
Hood surname statistics.
Mythical or Enigmatic Maid Marian
Myriads of Robin Hoods
Early English Ballads
Little John
Roger de Doncastre
The Saylis
Alice de Laci [Lacy] heiress of the honours of Pontefract and Clitheroe
Barnsdale Gallery
Family of Annora de Umfreville, wife of Stephen II Le Waleys
The many images of Robyn Hode over the ages
Cadbury Castle, Dorset
Portchester Castle, Hampshire
The earl of Warwick, Richard Neville.- 'The King-Maker'.
Arthur Midgley- Painter
Escape! - A game of skill.
Gudgeon - A Fisherman's Tale in Australia.
The Normans in England   Midgley of Halifax1881
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midgleyana chapter  3
midgleyana chapter  4
midgleyana chapter  5
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midgleyana sources
Titles of the English and French Nobility.
The Battle Abbey Roll - Jeff Stafford's thoughts about the origins of  'Robyn Hode'.
Midgley of Winewall
Coventina the water goddess
Midgley of Thirsk and Coxwold
Perfumes & Fragrances - How one Midgley made his living capturing fragrance essences.
The early Yorkshire family of Horbury nr.  Wakefield
Jervaulx Abbey - Where Simon de Midgley was abbot for about 8 years (1304-1314)
Monk Bretton Priory
Selby Abbey -Coats of Arms
'John Midge' the Highwayman - in the time of Dick Turpin.

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