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SOURCES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY from my bookshelves.(Primary and Secondary)

H.W. Harwood 1885 - 1967
Was a native of Midgley, a noted antiquary and a prominent member of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, contributing more than a score of historical essays to its printed 'Transactions' relating mainly to Midgley Township and also Warley.  Formerly chief reporter to the Halifax Courier and Guardian, also of Yorkshire Observer, Bradford.  He gave me his typescript survey of Midgley history, 1957, also pamphlets on Dean House and a Social study of the Upper Calder Valley published by the H.A.S., founded 1900.  He has also quoted from two well-known local antiquaries: (a) J. Lonbbottom who died more than 56 years ago.  He was the Headmaster of a small grammar school in Warley which had to close down because the endowments were very small; and
b) J. H. Ogden formerly Assistant Editor of the Halifax Guardian who was drowned in 1906 when out electioneering. He slipped in the dark into a low stream only a few yards from a canal.  Harwood was given Ogden's private papers, including those he had prepared on the Vicars of Rochdale, and these he posted to me.

L. Bretton
Hon. Secretary of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, who published a pamphlet on "The Heraldry of the Halifax Parish Church" in 1931. He has given me other information.  Mr. Bretton has also quoted from John Watson's "History of Halifax" (1775); from E. W. Crossley's "Monunlental Inscriptions Halifax Parish Church" 1909; from H. A. S. Transactions - 'Ashday in Southowram' 1942, 'Halifax Parish Church' 1931, Halifax Parish Registers 2 volumes published for 1538 onwards which contain 432 references to Midgley: also Heptonstall Church Register 1 volume of a later date which contains 228 references to Midgley.

T.W. Hanson
A former president of the H. A. S. whose "The Story of Old Halifax" was first published 1920, quoting 'inter alios' Dr. Whittaker and the Rev. John Watson, 1775.

William Cudworth The Rydal Press: "Round about Bradford", published 1876.
Keighley Parish Church by Harry Bancroft. Asa Briggs and Eric Treacy.  Also Registers in the Church and copies in the Keighley Public Library.

J. Horsfall Turner
"Ancient Bingley" printed by T. Harrison & Sons 1897.

Harry Speight
Chronicles and Stories of Bingley and District" printed 1898 by E~vard Foulds who presented me with a copy.

H. Marshall of 'Times'
Hebden Bridge, Notes on Local Calderdale History.

Dr. Arthur Raistrick
Prehistoric Yorkshire; The Romans; Vikings, Angles and Danes in Yorkshire. Dalesman Books printed by Fretwell & Brian Ltd. , Silsden, Nr. Keighley, 1966.

Johnnie Gray
"Through Airedale from Goole to Malham" printed by G. F. Sewell, Bradford 1891.

Joseph E. Morris
"The West Riding of Yorkshire".  Methuen 1911.

F. and H.W. Elgee
The Archaeology of Yorkshire.  Methuen 1933.

Ernest Raymond
"In the Steps of the Brontes". Rich & Cowan 1948.

Jessica Lofthouse
"Countrygoer in the Dales".  Robert Hale 1964.

Harry J. Scott
"Portrait of Yorkshire". Robert Hale 1965.  (Defoe's Tour).
Also his chapter in the English Counties. Odhams. 1948.

Martin S. Briggs "Round the Shires" Herbert Jekins (Gateway, Marley Hall)

L. Babrow and R. K. Stent  "The Varsity Spirit".  Johnston & Neville, C. T. 1963. Rev. R.E. Tattersall Centenary of the Parish of St. John the Evangelist, C.T.

Dr. C. Pama  Die Wapens van die Ou Afrikaanse Families.  Lions and Virgins.  Genealogies of Old S.A. Families (de Villiers) 3 vols.

Eastern Province Herald, Port Elizabeth.  Grocott's Daily Mail, Grahamstown. The Cape Times.  The Cape Argus.  Die Burger.  "Personality".

When I had virtually completed the writing of this Miscellanea last midwinter I received a copy of the re-issue of T.W. Hanson's Story of Old Halifax from my researcher and correspondent Mr. D.H. Barron.  This enabled me to insert some welcome finishing touches here and there.  I do not claim any originality for historical ideas or interpretations expressed herein nor do I know of any monopoly thereof.  Whatever is written is the verdict of my own study and reading over the years.  Where I have made use of any happily appropriate turn of phrase from any of the above sources to which I have had recourse this should be taken as a tribute and not a plagiarism.
I do wish particularly to acknowledge the use of the two maps of the West.Riding and old Halifax Parish from Hanson's book, taking full reponslbihty for the accuracy of all the supplementary matter I have incorporated.  The third, a hundred year old map of the southern half of old Midgley Township, was obtained for me by Mr. Barron from the Leeds Public Library.  This work does not claim, finally, to be an exhaustive study of the subject and there is no doubt scope for other interested researchers.

G.F. Wilson  "Yorkshire in Prose and Verse". No. 1 in the County Anthologies published by Elkin Mathews & Marrot 1929.

Leonard Cottrell  "The Great Invasion' (Roman).  Evans Bros. 1958.

Edward Gibbon  "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire". Modern Library, New York.

Eric Linklater  "The Ultimate Viking".  MacMillan 1955.

R.J. Adam  "A Conquest of England - The coming of the Normans". Hodder & Stoughton 1965.

Hope Muntz  "The Golden Warrior" - A Saga of Harold and William with introduction by G. M. Trevelyan  Chatto & Windus. 1949.

Sir Arthur Bryant  'The Age of Chivalry" and "Samual Pepys - The Years of Peril". Collins 1963 and 1948. Also "Protestant Island".

R.W. Mowat  "The Wars of the Roses (1377-1471)." Crosby Lockwood & Son 1914.

Farincis Leary  "The Golden Longing".  John Murray 1960.  Studies of Jeanne d'Arc, Marguerite d'Anjou and Richard III.

P Lindsay "King Richard III".  Ivor Nicholson & Watson 1933.

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J. D. Mackie ''Cavalier and Puritan''. Thomas Nelson 1936.

John Morley ''Oliver Cromwell''. MacMillan 1901.

C. E. Lucas Phillips ''Cromell's Captains''.  William Heinemann 1938

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Winston Churchill  "Marlborough, His Life and Times".  George Harrap 1933-4.

Viscount Erleigh  "The South Sea Bubble".  Peter Davies 1933

C. E. Vulliamy   "John Wesley, 1703-1791".  Geoffrey Bles 1931

L.P. Stryker   "For the Defence-a life of Thomas Erskine (1750-1823)." Staples Press 1949.

J.H.R. Weaver   "H. W. C. Davis-Historical Papers".  Constable 1933. "A history of the English-speaking Peoples".  Four volumes.  Cassell 1956-8.

Winston S Churchill   "The Past presented".  Peter Davies 1952

ProfessorA.M. Low James Lees-Milne  "The National Trust".  Batsford 1945.  With an introduction by G.M. Trevelyan.

Sir Charles Oman    England before the Norman Conquest.  Methuen series.

H.W.C. Davis   England under the Normans and Angevins.  Methuen series.

Kenneth H. Vickers  England in the later Middle Ages.  Methuen series.

Arthur D. Innes   England under the Tudors.  Methuen series.

G.M. Trevelyan  England under the Stuarts.  Methuen series. (and English Social History; Longmans, Green).

C. Grant Robertson   England under the Hanoverians.  Methuen series.

Sir J.A.R. Marriott   England since Waterloo.

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Sr John Kotze "Biographical Memoirs and Reminiscences". 2 Vols.

Ivor Difford  History of S.A. Rugby Football. Speciaity Press Wynberg, 1933.

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