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"Stock Hill* near Wetherby Yorkshire
Dec. 9 1845

My Dear Brother
I received your kind letter dated May 26th 1845 and was happy to hear from you but sorry you did not give me an account of your passage and time of arrival as the weather here was very stormy. James Batty went to America soon after you did. He has written home and says that he has seen Charles Lewis and that his brother John is dead and he wishes me to say what legacies are left. I have told him to write to you as you know more about that business than I do. Charles has also written to Plumpton to say that his brother John went into the country a blacksmith and no doubt is dead. Samuel Midgley married Jane Burnett and left for America last January. We think that they are gone to live near Samuel Mitchell. I have seen Mr. Gill and paid the bil, 4 pounds 13s. 0d and gave the Toleration Deed to him but he would not give me the old deed without without a note from you. Mr. Gill says you told him to keep it. John Brown married Mrs. Scraw soon after you left and is now living at Hartslee. He has begun a school for himself. He told me he would write to you before he left..I sent to him your directions. The last time I saw him he told me he had been to the Bank with 13 pounds for you and they they told him at the bank that you had not written to them.
His father does not know that he has put any money in the Bank. Mr. Ridsdale sent the interest for the 600 pounds to the Bank at Leeds last July
I thought it would make the note better if anything happened to me. I have paid to Mr. Ridsdale a part in three. William Flint's father......."

* probably Stockeld





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