of the
                                                                              VISCOUNTS OR HIGH SHERRIFS
                                                                                           of the county of York

                                                                      From the reign of William I. to the present time.

A.D. 1069   WILLIAM I.

        Gulielmus Mallet.
        Robert Fitz Richard.
        Radulph. Paganel.
        Hugo vicecomes.
        Galf. de Estotevile.

1118        HENRY I.
        Guliel. Punctell.
        Osbertus vel Osbertius de Archis.
        Robert de Oketon.

1140    Bertram de Bulmer.

            HENRY II.
1154    Bertram de Bulmer, pro novem annis.
  64    Radulph. de Glanvile.
  70    Idem et Robert de Stutevile.
  71    Robert de Stutevile, pro quinque an
  77    Radulph. de Glanvile, ad term regni Hen. II.

            RICHARD 1.
1189    Radulphus to Glanvile.
  90    Johan. Mareschallus.
        Osbertus de Longocampo.
  91    Osbertus de Longocampo.
  92    Hugo Bardulf.
        Hugo de Boebi.
  93    Iidem.
  94    Iidem.
  95    Galfrid, archiep. Ebor. et Rog. de Batuent. pro quin an.

1199    Galfrid filius Petri, et Jacob. de Paterne
1201    Iidem.
   2    Will. de Stutevile, et Will. Breto.
   3    Iidem.
   4    Galfrid. filius Petri, Will. de Percy et Radolph. de Normanvile.
   5    Galfrid. fil. Poter, et Rad. de Normanvile.
   6    Rob. de Lacy Const#. Cestrien, et Rob. Wallensis, pro qainque an. 

#[This should read 'Rog. de Lacy Const.' Lord of Pontefract, Yorks. and Halton Cheshire who died 1211].

  11    Galfrid. fil. Renfredi, et Henricus Rademan sive Radenor,
           pro quantuor an.
  15    Rob. de Percy, et Hen. de Midleton.
  16    Petrus filius Herberti, et Ric. de Husseburn.

A.D.          HENRY III.
1217    Galfrid de Nevile. et Simon de Hale.
  18    Idem.
  19    Idem.
  20    Galfrid de Nevile.
  21    Idem et Simon de Hales.
  22    Idem.
  23    Idem.
  24    Simon de Hales.
  25    Eustachius de Ludham.
  26    Idem et Rob. de Cokefeld.
  27    Rob. de Cokefeld.
  28    Idem.
  29    Idem.
  30    Will. de Stutevile, et Phil de Ascelles.
  31    Idem.
  32    Idem.
  33    Petrus de Rivall.
  34    Bryanus de Insola.
  35    Johan. filius Galfridi.
  36    Idem.
  37    Brianus filius Alani, at Roger de Stapleton.
  38    Idem.
  39    Brianus fil Alani, Nich. de Molis. et Will. de Midelton.
  40    Nicholas de Molis.
  41    Idem et Will. de Midelton.
  42    Nich. de Molis, Hen. de Bath, et Remery de Cerve.
1243    Hen. de Bada, pro qual. ann.
  47    Hen. de Bathon, pro duo an.
  49    Will, Dacre.
  50    Idem et Rob. de Creppings.
  51    Rob. de Creppings.
  52    Will. Dacre.
  53    Rob. de Creppings.
  54    Will. de Horsenden.
  55    Will. de Latimer.
  56    Idem et Joh. de Oketon, pro quinque an.
  61    Petrus de Percy.
  62    Idem.
  63    Idem.
  64    Idem. et Rob. de Nevile.
  65    Will. de Basale.
  66    Idem. et Joh. de Oketon.
  67    Idem.
  68    Will. de Latimer.
  69    Idem.
  70    Idem.
  71    Roger Extraneus et Hen. de Kirkby.
  72    Iidem.

             EDWARD I.
1273    Roger de Estraneus.
  74    Idem.
  75    Alex. de Kyrketon, pro quat. an.
  79    Ranul de Dacre.
  80    Idem et Joh. de Lythgrenes.
  81    Joh. de Lythgrenes, pro quin. an.
Gervasius de Clifton, pro sex. an.
  92    Joh. de Meaux.
  93    Idem.
Joh. de Byrun, pro sex an.
1300    Rob. Oughtred.
   1    Simon de Kyme, pro quat an.
   5    Will. de Houkes, pro tres an.

            EDWARD II.
1307   Joh. de Cripling.
 Joh. de Cripling.
    9     Johan. de Guas. et Johen de Eare.
  10    Gerard. de Salwayne, et Joh. de Eure.
Gerard. de Salwayne, et Joh. de Eure.
  12    Gerard de Salvayne.
Gerard de Salvayne.
  14    John Malebys, et Nich Meynel. [Meinill]
  15    Symon Warde.
  16    Nich. de Gray, et Symon Warde.
  17    Nich. de Gray, et Symon Warde.
Nich. de Gray, et Symon Warde. [Hen. de Faucomberg is Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire for the first time]
  19    Symon Warde.[Hen. de Faucomberg is Sheriff of Nottinghamshire]
Symon Warde.
  21    Symon Warde.
Roger de Somervile, pro quin. an.[for five years] Hen. de Faucumberg was made the commader of the Yorkshire Array] Battle of Boroughbridge in this year.
Roger de Somervile      [Hen. de Faucumberg is Sheriff of Nottinghamshire]
Roger de Somervile      [Hen. de Faucumberg  Sheriff of Nottinghamshire also custodian of York Castle]
Roger de Somervile      [Hen. de Faucumberg is Sheriff of Nottinghamshire also custodian of York Castle]
Roger de Somervile

 EDWARD 111.
 Roger de Somervile
  28    John Darcy.
  Hen. Falconberg [also Sheriff of Nottinghamshire]
  30    Hen. Falconberg [in October 1330 William de Eland/Elland and other knights led Edward III through a series of passages off "Mortimer's Hole"under Nottingham Castle to arrest Mortimer. Henry de Falconberg is the Sherriff at the time! Is this the hated Sheriff  of Nottingham mentioned in the ballads of Robin Hood? At this point Edward III truly becomes king, this may be the "Comly King" who meets with the"Contrariants" still hiding in the 'Greenwood' where he pardons them.
Henry de Falconberg/Faucumberg has been ousted and his control over the forest of  Sherwood and South Yorkshire are at an end.
These relict outlaws from the Battle of Boroughbridge had been opposed to Edward II, Gaveston and the Despensers but then supported Queen Isabella & Roger de Mortimer whilst Falconberg was given a third tenure as Sheriff of Nottingham. After the Nottingham coup they now  had a  new, young and Arthurian King
Wm. de Elland, Wm. de Midgley and other Yorkshire  supporters are knighted after this time. They supported Edward II against Lancaster and then later opposed Isabella and Mortimer becoming followers of John 8th earl of Warrene.
  31    Rad. Bulmer.
  32    Petrus de Salso Marisco, Saltmarsh [East of Goole on the Humber]
Petrus de Salso Marisco
  34    Petrus de Middleton.[between Leeds and Wakefield]
Petrus de Middleton.
  36    Petrus de Salso Marisco.
 Rad. de Hastinges, et Tho.de Rokeby.[Thomas de Rokeby was a Yorkshire man [see Bulmer's Gazeteer], Rokeby Chapel being in Halifax Church, named after an incumbent.
 38    Rad. de Hastinges.
Rad. de Hastinges.
  40    Rad. de Hastinges.
Joh. de Eland. [Sir John de Eland , Lord Warrene's steward at Wakefield of the famed Elland Feud, murdered 1353, at Lane Head, Brookfoot, Elland, Yorkshire.]
42    Joh. de Falconberg. [Could be the son of Henry Falconberg]
Tho. de Rokeby, pro septem an.[for seven years]
  50    Gerard. Salvayne.
  51    Will. de Plumpton.
  52    Pet. de Nuttelle.
  53    Milo Stapleton.
  54    Petrus de Nuttelle.
  55    Milo Stapleton, mil. pro quin. an.
  60    Tho. de Musgrave.
  61    Marm. de Constable.
  62    Idem.
  63    Tho. de Musgrave,
  64    Idem.
  65    Idem.
  66    Marm. Constable.
  67    Idem.
  68    Joh. Chamont, vel de calvo monte et Will. Acton.
  69    Iidem.
  70    Iidem.
  71    Joh. Bygod.
1372    Rob. de Roos.
  73    Will. Acton.
  74    Joh. Bygod de Setterington.
  75    Will. Perciehay.
  76    Will. de Melton.
Rad. de Hastinges.

           RICHARD II.
1378    Joh. Constable de Halesham.
  79    R. Nevill de Hornby
Joh. Savyle.
Rad. Hastinges, miles.
  82    Will. de Ergham.
   Joh. Savyle.
  84    Gerad. Usfleet.
  85    Rob. Constable.
  86    Idem.
  87    Rob. de Hylton.
Joh. Savile.
  89    Joh. Godard.
1390    Jac. Pykeryng.
  91    Will. de Melton.
  92    Rad. de Eure.
  93    Joh. Upeeden, miles.
  94    Jac. Pykeryng, miles.
  95    Rad. Constable.
  96    Rad. de Eure.
  97    Rob. de Nevile.
  98    Jac. Pykeryng.
  99    Joh. Upeeden, 1st Hen. IV.

A.D.       HENRY IV.
1400    Joh. Constable, miles.
   1    Tho. Bromflete, miles et Wil. Dronsfield, m.
Joh. Savile.
   3    Ric. Redman.
   4    Idem.
Will. Dronsfield, miles.
   6    Joh. de Etton, miles.
Tho. Rokeby, miles.
   8    Will. Harrington, miles.
Edw. Hastings, miles.
Edw. Sandford, miles.
Tho. Rokeby, miles.

           HENRY V.
1413    Will. Harrington, miles.
  14    Tho. Bromflete, miles.
  15    Ric. Redman, miles.
Edw. Hastings, miles.
  17    Rob. Hylton, miles.
  18    Joh. Bygood, miles.
  19    Tho. Bromflete, miles.
  20    Halnathens Maleverer, miles, de Allerton.
  21    Will. Harrington, miles.
  22    Haln. Meleverer, miles.

A.D.       HENRY VI.
1423    Will. Harrington, miles
  24    Rob. Hylton, miles.
  25    Joh. Langton, miles.
Ric. Hastings, miles.
  27    Will. Ryther, miles.
  28    Rob. Hylton, miles.
  29    Will. Harrington, miles.
  30    John Clarevaulx.
  31    Will. Ryther, miles.
  32    Ric. Pykering, miles.
  33    Hen. Bromflete, miles
Ric. Hastings, miles.
  35    Will. Ryther, miles.
  36    Will. Tyrwhit, miles.
  37    Joh. Constable de Halsham, miles.
  38    Rob. Constable, miles.
  39    Will. Ryther, miles.
  40    Joh. Tempest, miles.
  41    Rob. Waterton, miles.
  42    Will. Gascoign de Gauthorp, miles.
  43    Tho. Metham, miles.
  44    Edmund Talbot de Bashall, miles.
  45    Will. Eure, miles.
  46    Jac. Strangeways de Ormsby, miles.
  47    Rob. Oughtrede, miles.
  48    Will. Plumpton de Plumpton, miles.
  49    Joh. Conyers, miles.
  50    Jac. Pykeryng, miles.
  51    Rob. Oughtrede, miles.
  52    Rad. Bygod, miles.
  53    Jac. Strangeways, miles.
  54    Joh. Melton, jun. miles
Joh. Savile, miles.
  56    Tho. Harrington miles
  57    Joh. Hotham, miles.
  58    Rad. Bygood, miles.
  59    Joh. Tempest, miles.
  60    Tho. Metham, miles.

           EDWARD V.
Joh. Savile, miles.
  62    Rob. Constable, miles.
  63    Idem.
  64    Joh. Constable, miles.
  65    Ed. Hastings, miles.
  66    Ric. Fitzwilliams, miles.
  67    Jac. Harrington, miles.
  68    Joh. Conyers, miles.
  69    Jac. Strangeways, miles.
  70    Hen. Vavasor, miles.
Ed. Hastings, miles.
  72    Rad. Ashton, miles.
  73    Idem.
  74    Walt. Griffith, miles.
  75    Joh. Conyers, miles.
  76    Joh. Harrington, miles
Ed. Hastings, miles.
  78    Will. Ryther, miles.
  79    Rob. Constable, miles.
Hugo Hastings, miles.
  81    Marm. Constable, miles.
  82    Rad. Bygod, miles.

A.D.        RICHARD III.
1483    Will. Eure, miles.
Edward Hastings, miles.
  85    Tho. Markenfield, miles.

A.D.        HENRY VII.
Joh. Savile, miles.
  87    Robert Ryther, miles.
  88    Joh. Nevile, miles.
  89    Marm. Constable.
Hen. Wentworth de Woodhouse, miles.
  91    Thu. Wortley, miles.
Henry Wentworth, miles.
  93    Jac. Strangeways, miles.
  94    Marm. Cojisiable miles
  95    Joh. Nevile, miles.
  96    Will. Gasciogn, miles.
  97    Joh. Melton, miles.
  98    Joh. Conyers, miles.
  99    Joh. Hotham, miles.
1500    Idem.
   1    Walterus Griffith. m.
   2    Tho, Wortley, miles.
   3    Will. Conyers, miles.
   4    Rad. Ryther, miles.
   5    Joh. Cutts, miles.
   6    Rad. Eure, miles.
   7    Joh. Norton, miles.
   8    Idem.

A.D.         HENRY VIII.
1509    Marm. Constable de Flamborough, miles.
  10    Rad. Eure, miles.
  11    Joh. Constable, miles.
  12    Joh. Everingham, miles de Wadsley.
  13    Will. Percy, miles.
  14    Joh, Norton, miles.
  15    Joh. Carre, miles.
  16    Rad. Tempest, miles.
  17    Will. Bulmer, miles.
  18    Joh. Nevile, miles.
  19    Pet. Vavasor, miles.
  20    Tho. Strangeways, miles.
  21    Will. Maleverer, miles.
  22    Hen. Clifford, miles.
  23    Joh. Nevile, miles.
  24    Joh. Constable de Constable-Burton, miles.
  25    Jac. Metcalf, arm.
  26    Will. Middleton, miles.
  27    Joh. Nevile, miles.
  28    Joh. Constable, miles.
  29    Rad. Ellerker, sen. m. de Ellerker.
  30    Joh. Strangeways, m.
  31    Nic. Fairfax, miles.
  32    Marm. Constable, m.
  33    Joh. Constable, miles.
  34    Will. Fairfax, miles.
  35    George Darcy, miles.
  36    Bryan Hastings, miles.
  Hen. Savile, miles.
  38    Jac. Strangeways, m.
  39    Will. Fairfax, miles.
  40    Rob. Nevill, miles.
Hen. Savile, miles.
  42    Tho. Tempest, miles
  43    Tho. Dawney de Cowicke, miles
  44    Nich. Fairfax, miles.
  45    Christ. Danby, miles.
  46    Joh. Tempest, miles.

A.D.          EDWARD VI.
1547    Ric. Cholmley de Whitby, miles.
  48    Will. Vavasour, miles.
  49    Walt. Calverley, de Calverley, miles.
  50    Leon. Beckwith, de Aketon, miles.
  51    Tho. Gresham, miles.
  52    Tho. Maleverer, miles.

              PHILIP AND MARY.
  53    Tho. Waterton, miles.
  54    Ingram Clifford, miles.
  55    Christ. Metcalfe, miles
  56    Rich. Cholmley, miles.
  57    Rob. Constable, miles.
  58    Rod. Ellerker, miles.

A.D.          ELIZABETH.
1559    Joh. Vaughan, de Stuton, arm.
  60    John Nevill, miles.
  61    Nich. Fairfax, miles.
  62    Geo. Bowes, de Stratham, miles.
  63    Will. Vavasour, miles.
  64    Will. Ingleby, de Ripley, miles.
  65    Tho. Gargrave, de Nosthall, miles.
  66    Joh. Constable, miles.
Hen. Savile, miles.
  68    Ric. Norton, arm.
  69    Tho. Gargrave, miles.
  70    Christ. Hildyard, miles
  71    Tho. Fairfax, miles
  72    Joh. Dawney, de Cowick, arm.
  73    Marm. Constable, m.
  74    Joh. Bellasis, de Newborough, miles.
  75    Tho. Danby, miles.
  76    Tho. Boynton, de Barmston, arm.
  77    Will. Fairfax, arm.
  78    Christ. Wandsford, de Kirklington, miles.
  79    Ric. Goodrick, de Ribston, arm.
  80    Rad. Bourchier, arm.
  81    Rob. Stapleton, miles.
  Tho. Wentworth, arm.
  83    Cotton Gargrave, miles
  84    Joh. Hotham, de Scarborough. arm.
  85    Brian Stapleton, miles
  86    Hen. Constable, de Constable-Burton, arm.
  87    Rob. Aske, arm.
  88    Ric. Maleverer, arm.
  89    Joh. Dawney, miles.
  90    Phil. Constable, arm.
  91    Ric. Goodrick, arm.
  92    Will. Mallery, miles.
  93    Rad. Eure primogen. D. Eure.
  94    Fran. Vaughan, arm.
  95    Christ. Hildyard, arm.
  96    Fran. Boynton, miles.
  97    Tho. Lascells, arm.
  98    Marm. Grimston, de Grimston-Garth, arm.
  99    Rob. Swyfte, de Doncaster, arm.
1600    Fran. Clifford, de Londesbro' arm.
Will. Wentworth, arm.
   2    Tho. Strickland, arm.
   3    Hen. Bellasis, miles.

A.D.        JAMES I.
1604    Hen. Bellasis, miles.
   4    Ric. Gargrave, miles.
   5    Will. Bamburgh, de Housam, miles.
   6    Hen. Griffith, de Agnes-Burton, miles.
   7    Timothy Hutton, de Mask, miles
   8    Hugh Bethell, de Alne, miles.
   9    Fran. Hildesley, miles
  10    Tho. Dawney, miles
  11    Hen. Slingsby, de Scriven, miles.
  12    Christ. Hildyard, miles
Geo. Savile, mil. et bar
Joh. Armitage, de Kirklees, arm.
Ed. Stanhope, miles.
  16    Mic. Warton, de Beverley, miles.
  17    Rob. Swyfte, de Doncaster, miles.
  18    Wil. Alford, de Bilton, miles.
  19    Arth. Ingaram, de civit. Ebor, miles.
  20    Tho. Gower, de Stitenham, m. at bar.
  21    Ric. Tempest, miles.
  22    Gudo Palmes, de Lindley, miles.
  23    Hen. Jenkins, de Grimston, juxta Ebor. m.
  24    Ric. Cholmley, miles.

A.D.         CHARLES I.
Tho. Wentworth miles et bar.
  26    Tho. Norcliffe de Manythorpe, miles.
  27    Tho. Fairfax, miles.
  28    Matthew Boynton, mil. et bar.
  29    Arthur Ingram, jun.
  30    Joh. Gibson, miles.
  31    Tho. Layton, de Layton, miles.
  32    Arthur Robinson, de Newby, miles.
  33    Marm. Wyville, de Constable Burton, miles et bar.
  34    Joh. Hotham, miles et bar.
  35    Will. Pennynma,  de Maske, bar.
  36    Joh. Ramsden, miles.
  37    Tho. Danby, miles.
  38    Will. Robinson, miles.
  39    Marm. Langdale, de Dalton, miles.
  40    Joh. Buck, de Filey, m.
  41    Tho. Gower, jun. de Stitnam, miles.
  42    Ric. Hutton de Goldsbro' miles.
  43    Matthew Boynton de Barmston, m. et bar.
  44    Idem
  45    Joh. Bourchier, miles.
  46    Rob. Darley de Buttercrumb, miles.
Joh. Savile de Medley, miles.
  48    Will. S. Quintin, de Harpham, bar.
Joh. Savile Kt. of Lupsit [Lupset], m.
  50    Ed. Roads, miles.
  51    Geo. Marwood, arm.
  52    Hugh Bethell, Jun. de Rise.
  53    Will. Constable de Flambro', m. et bar.
  54    Cal. Joh. Bright of Badsworth.
  55    John Bright.
  56    Thomas Harrison, Esq.
  57    The same.
  58    Barrington Baurchier Esq.
  59    Robert Waters, Esq.
  60    Sir Tho. Slingsby, Bart.
  61    Sir Tho. Osborne, bt.
  62    Sir Tho. Gower of Stitnam, knt. and bt.
  63    Sir Roger Langley of Sheriff-Hoton, bart.
  64    Sir Francis Cobb, knt.
  63    The same.
  66    Sir John Reresby, bart.
  67    Sir  Richard Mauleveror, knt. and bt.
Sir John Armitage, bt.
  69    Sir Phil. Monckton, knt
  70    Sir Solomon Swale, bt.
Sir Will. Wentworth, kt. [of Bretton]
  72    John Ramsden, Esq.
Sir Tho. Yarborough, knight.
[Later in 1940's Wakefield Court Rolls donated by this family]
  74    Hoary Marword, Esq.
  75    Sir ed. Jennings, knt.
  76    SIr Godfrey Copley, bt.
  77    The same.
Rich. Shuttleworth, Esq.
  79    Sir Tho. Daniel, knt.
  80    Sir Rich. Grahme of Norton-Coniers, bt.
Will. Lowther, esq.[Of Swillington]
  82    Ambrose Pudsey, esq.
  83    Sir Brian Stapylton, bt.
  84    Christ. Tancred, esq.

A.D.         JAMES II.
1685    Christ. Tancred, esq.
  86    Thomas Rookeby, esq.
  87    The same.
  88    Sir Rich. Grahme, displaced, and in April 1689.

             WILLIAM III. & MARY.
1689    William Robinson, esq.
  90    Sir Jon. Jennings, knt.
  91    Henry Fairfax, esq.
  92    John Gill, esq.
  93    Ambrose Pudsey, esq.
  94    Chrarles Tancred, esq.
  93    Ingleby Daniel, esq.
  96    John Bradshaw, esq.
Thomas Pulleine, esq.[of Carleton Hall]
Will. Lowther, esq.
  99    John Lambert, esq.
1700    Fairfax Norcliffe, esq.
   1    Robert Constable, esq.

A.D.          ANNE.
1702    Robert Mitford, esq.
   3    Sir Tho. Pennynman, bt.
Tho. Pulleine, esq. [father of Miss Pulleine Who married John Spencer of Cannon
          Hall, Cawthorne]
   Godfrey Bosville, esq.[of Gunthwaite]
   6    Sir Matth. Pierson, knt.
   7    Sir Rog. Beckwith, bt.
   8    Hen. Iveson, esq.
   9    Will. Ellis, esq.
  10    Will. Turbutt, esq.
  11    Will. Neville, esq.
  12    Will. Vavasour, esq.
  13    Rich. Beaumont, esq.
  14    Tho. Wrightson, esq.

A.D.         GEORGE I.
1715    Fairfax Norcliffe, esq.
  16    Char. Wilkinson, esq.
  17    Sir Will. Hustler, knt.
  18    Sir Hen. Goodrich, bt.
  19    Daniel Lascelles, esq.
  20    John Bourchier, esq.
Sir Walter Hawkesworth, bart.
  22    Sir Ralph Milbank, bt.
  23    Sir Will. Wentworth, bt.
  24    Hugh Cholmley, esq.
  25    Cholmley Turner, esq.
  26    Tho. Ramsden, esq.
  27    Charles Bathurst, esq.

A.D.         GEORGE II.
Thomas Duncombe of Duncombe park, esq.
  29    William Harvey, esq.
  30    Sir Will. S. Quintin, bt.
  31    Bielhy Thompson, esq.
  Sir Rowland Wynne, bt.[Winns of Nostell Priory]
  33    Tho. Condon, esq.
  34    Hugh Bethell, esq.
  35    Francis Barlow, esq.
  36    James Hustler, esq.
  37    Mark Kirby, esq.
  38    Sir Hugh Smithson, bt.
  39    Sir Geo. Cooke, bart.
Sir S. Armytage, bart.[of Kirklees]
  41    Sir Lionel Pilkington, bart.
  42    Henry Darcy, esq.
  43    Ralph Bell, esq.
  44    Godfrey Copley, esq.
Tho. Thornhill, esq.
  46    Henry Ibbetson, esq.
  47    Sir Will. Milner, bart.
  48    Will Thompson, esq.
  49    John Bourchier, esq.
  50    Sir Will. Pennyman, bt
  51    Sir Griffith Boynton, bt
  52    Richard Sykes, esq.
  53    Sir Ralph Mllbanke, bt.
  54    Nathan. Cholmley, esq.
  55    Tho. Foljambe, esq.
  56    Sir G. M. Metham, kt.
  57    Henry Willoughby, esq
  58    Jeremiah Dixon, esq.
  59    Charles Turner, esq.
  James Shuttleworth, esq.

A.D.         GEORGE III.
1761    Sir John Lister Kaye, bart.
  62    Hugh Bethell, esq.
  63    Boynton Langley, esq.
  64    Sir Will. Foulis, bart.
Sir Thomas Wentworth, bart.[of Bretton Hall]
Tho. Thornhill, esq.
  67    Tho. Arthington, esq.
  68    Sir Geo. Strickland, bt.
  69    Sir James Ibbetson, bt.
  70    Sir Bellingham Graham, bart.
  71    Sir Griffith Boynton, bt.
  72    Sir W. St. Quintin, bt.
  73    Sir M. Asty Wyville, bt.
  74    Mann Horsfield, esq.
Sir Geo. Armytage.[of Kirklees estate]
  76    Giles Earle, esq.
  77    Bacon Frank, esq.
  78    John Sawrey Morritt, esq.
Tho. Duncombe, esq.[of Duncombe Park]
  80    Will. Bethell, esq.
  81    Humph. Osbaldeston, esq.
  82    Sir John Ingilby, bart.
  83    Sir R.D. Hildyard, bt.
  84    William Danby, esq.
  83    Sir T.T. Slingsby, bt.
  86    Richard Langley, esq.
  87    F.F. Foljambe, esq.
  88    John Yorke, esq.
Welter Fawkes, esq.
C. Duncombe, jun. esq. [of Duncombe Park near Beverley]
Sir G. Armitage, bt. [Owner of Kirklees Estate]
  92    Sir T. Frankland, bt.
B.H. Beaumont, esq. [of The Oaks?]
  94    Thomas Lister, esq.
  95    Mark Sykes, esq.
Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth, esq. [of Bretton Hall]
  97    Sir J. Ramsden, bart.
Sir T. Pilkington, bt.
  99    Sir Rowland Wynn, bt. [Winns of Nostell Priory]
  James Milnes, esq.
   1    Rich. Thompson, esq.
   2    Sir WIlliam Foulis, bt.
   3    Sir H.C. Ibbetson, bt.
    James Fox, esq.[Northowram?]
   5    Henry Cholmley, esq.
   6    J.B.S. Morritt, esq.
   7    R.F. Wilson, esq.
   8    Robert Denison, esq.
   9    Sir G. Wombwell, bt.
  10    T.E.W. Bellasyse, esq.
  11    Richard Watt, esq.
  12    Sir T. Slingsby, bt.
  13    Robert Crowe, esq.
  14    Sir F.L. Ward, bt.
  15    William Garforth, esq.
  16    R.O. Gaccoigne, esq.
  17    Sir W.M. Milner, bt.
  18    John Yorke, esq.
  19    Wm. Wrightson, esq.

A.D.        GEORGE IV.
1820    Henry Vansittart, esq.
  21    Sir W.A. Ingilby, bt.
  22    Richard Bethell, esq.


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From Thomas Langland's Yorkshire Dictionary, 1822.
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